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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Alabama!

Anyone who is legally entitled to possess a firearm may participate in Alabama concealed carry. However, you can still obtain an Alabama concealed carry license in order to travel with your firearm to states that have reciprocity with Alabama.

Regardless of whether you choose to obtain an Alabama concealed carry license or not, carrying a firearm comes with great responsibility, and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to do so is essential.

This is where taking a class with Concealed Coalition comes in. Our firearms training courses involve exciting, experiential learning that people who attend our classes continue talking about long after the training is over. Through these classes, you’ll learn a comprehensive overview of firearms policies and procedures in Alabama, as understanding state-specific regulations is a vital part of being a law-abiding firearm owner and permit holder in Alabama.

Another core component of our training courses is firearm safety. Instructors emphasize safe handling practices, storage methods, and how to prevent accidents. Learning to respect and handle firearms responsibly ensures that permit holders become a positive and safe influence in their communities.

From our online to in-person programs, all of our courses are taught by experienced and certified trainers who draw on their diverse backgrounds to keep classes engaging with scenario-based training. This method of training can help students become more adept at assessing potential threats, making quick decisions in times of crises, and reacting appropriately, therefore enhancing their confidence and preparedness in dangerous situations. Our training team also works tirelessly to create a supportive and controlled environment for all participants to learn about the proper handling and use of firearms, regardless of experience level.

Upon successful completion of a Concealed Coalition course, you will receive your concealed carry certification. This will serve as proof of training should you decide to apply for your concealed carry permit through the state of Alabama.