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Bossier City Bass Pro Shops


100 Bass Pro Drive, Bossier City, Louisiana

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Concealed Carry Training

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At Concealed Coalition, our mission is to make the path to becoming your own first responder simple. Join us in one of our Concealed Carry classes where our nationally recognized instructors will walk you through state laws, carrying concealed, de-escalation and much more while also meeting the minimum state requirements! We offer a comprehensive approach to Concealed Carry and focus on making you as prepared and effective as your loved ones need you to be. When you take a Concealed Coalition class you can expect to feel welcomed and comfortable, have your questions answered, and experience classroom camaraderie with your fellow students. After becoming a part of the Concealed Coalition family you will have access to a multitude of resources ensuring that you will be prepared and confident to be a guardian always and a warrior when needed.

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