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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Vermont!

Vermont is an extremely lenient state when it comes to concealed carry and purchasing firearms. Both residents and nonresidents may carry openly or concealed provided they meet the state’s legal requirements for owning a firearm. In fact, Vermont is what is known as a “does-not-issue” state, meaning that concealed carry permits are not issued within the state.

Regardless of state law, owning and carrying a firearm comes with great responsibility, and acquiring the knowledge and skills to do so is critical for anyone interested in doing so. This is why we recommend that any would-be firearm carriers participate in a training course.

At Concealed Coalition, our firearms training courses are exciting, experiential learning sessions that students who attend continue talking about long after the training has concluded. Through these classes you’ll learn about Vermont’s firearm policies, as having an understanding of state-specific regulations is a key part of being a law abiding citizen and carrier in Vermont.

Another key part of our training courses is safe firearm operation. Our certified instructors emphasize safe handling and storage practices, as well as how to prevent accidents. Learning to handle firearms in a responsible manner ensures that permit holders can become safe and positive influences in the firearms space.

Looking for even more safety training? We’ve got the solution for you in that area too with Concealed Coalition University.

Concealed Coalition University is our unique, online members-only platform that allows you to train from the comfort of your own home. As a Concealed Coalition University member, you’ll gain access to hours upon hours of content all about self-defense and personal protection. Topics covered include de-escalation tactics, self-defense in low-light scenarios, and the legal aftermath of a defensive use-of-force situation. With Concealed Coalition University, we want to help create a network of people across the country who feel confident protecting what matters most in their lives.