Concealed Carry Permit Training in Ohio

In Person or Online CCW Classes Near Me

SAT, DEC 09 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM

Columbus, Ohio

SUN, DEC 10 10:30 AM - 06:30 PM

Columbus, Ohio



Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Ohio!

If you are an adult who is legally allowed to own a firearm based on state and federal law, you are allowed to carry openly or concealed in Ohio. The Ohio concealed weapon permit system is still in place though, so anyone interested may obtain an Ohio concealed weapon permit from their local sheriff’s office. Doing so will allow you to carry to any of the numerous states that have reciprocity agreements with Ohio should you decide to travel with your firearm.

Regardless of state law, we believe that everyone who intends to carry should complete a firearms training course due to the high level of responsibility associated with being a gun owner and carrier. If you are wondering “Where can I find in-person or online CCW classes near me?”, Concealed Coalition is here for you!

We offer in-depth, scenario-based training courses for firearm owners of all experience levels and backgrounds. Our courses are always state-specific, and our highly qualified team of instructors is here to teach you what you need to know about Ohio concealed weapon laws.

Beyond just knowing state laws though, completing a firearms training course is also important for becoming a safe and responsible gun owner. Carrying a concealed weapon requires a certain level of understanding of firearm handling and storage. Proper training will teach you how to load, unload, and operate firearms, therefore reducing your risk of accidents and injuries. Learning these basics alongside our situational awareness training will allow you to maintain composure should you ever be faced with a high stress, high risk situation – a skill that is essential for any firearm owner.

By arming our students with the knowledge of gun handling basics and Ohio concealed weapon laws and building critical thinking skills through experiential learning, we strive to create a nationwide community of firearm owners who feel confident in their abilities to protect what matters most.