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Concealed Carry Training


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At Concealed Coalition, our mission is to educate individuals on the safe and responsible use of firearms, while also providing the necessary training and skills to obtain a concealed carry permit. Join us in one of our Concealed Carry classes where our nationally recognized instructors will walk you through state laws, carrying concealed, de-escalation and much more while also meeting the minimum state requirements!

This course will include: 

Safety - Emphasizing firearm safety rules and procedures to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Legal Knowledge - Providing an understanding of relevant laws and regulations regarding firearms possession, use, and self-defense. 

Marksmanship - Teaching proper shooting techniques, aiming, and firearm handling to ensure accurate and effective use of the firearm. 

Decision Making - Educating individuals on the legal and ethical considerations involved in using deadly force for self-defense. 

Scenario Training - Simulating real-life situations where individuals may need to use their firearm for self-defense and teaching how to make split-second decisions under stress. 

Conflict De-escalation - Providing strategies for avoiding or diffusing potentially dangerous situations without resorting to firearms. 

Maintenance and Storage - Instructing on the proper cleaning, maintenance, and secure storage of firearms to prevent accidents and unauthorized access. 

Ultimately, the goal of a Concealed Coalition class is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to safely and responsibly carry a concealed firearm for personal protection, while also fostering a culture of responsible gun ownership within the community.

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