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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Minnesota!

If you are an adult who is not legally barred from obtaining a firearm, you will need to get a permit in order to participate in open or concealed MN gun carry. This carry permit, also known as a Minnesota Permit to Carry a Pistol, allows you to carry a concealed weapon within the state and in any states that have reciprocity agreements with Minnesota.

Part of the process for obtaining this MN carry permit involves taking a firearms training course. We believe that anyone who intends to carry - regardless of whether or not you choose to carry concealed - should complete a course like this. Carrying a firearm is no small responsibility, so it is critical to master the skills necessary to be a safe and responsible gun owner.

Concealed Coalition’s online and in-person training courses are taught by certified and highly qualified instructors across the nation. Our team ensures that each course is state-specific, allowing students to learn about the rules and regulations in their area. Furthermore, we regularly update our curriculum, so you can feel confident knowing that the material you are learning about MN gun carry is recent and relevant.

Being a responsible firearm owner also includes knowing how to safely handle and store your firearm. In any Concealed Coalition class, we cover these essentials of proper firearm operation, and we emphasize the importance of child access prevention when it comes to gun storage in the home.

Obtaining a concealed carry permit is not just about meeting legal requirements though. It is a commitment to maintaining safe practices that will protect yourself and others in your community. Firearm safety courses like what we provide at Concealed Coalition empower students to handle firearms responsibly, make sound decisions in critical situations, and respect the gravity of carrying a concealed weapon. Through this prioritization of safety training, we want to foster a culture of responsible gun ownership in communities across the country.

Here’s what some of our students from our MN gun carry permit certification courses had to say about their experiences:

“Fantastic class – From start to finish [the instructor] was a great teacher. The class was very informative, and I feel confident to carry here in Minnesota.” -Stacy M.

“Step-by-step satisfaction – My trainer was very proficient with his instructions, he made me feel comfortable, confident and ready for self defense/protection. Thank you Concealed Coalition.” -Chocolate C.