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Addison, Illinois

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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Illinois!

Illinois is one of the more strict states in the country when it comes to firearm-related laws. First off, all firearm owners must have what’s called a “Firearm Owners Identification Card.” Second, if you are a resident of Illinois or a nonresident from a handful of other states, you will need to apply for an Illinois CCW license in order to carry concealed within the state. Once you secure this license though, you will be able to safely carry concealed in any states that have reciprocity with Illinois.

Part of the road to getting your Illinois CCW license involves completing a mandatory 16-hour training course. You may be wondering, “Where can I find in-person or online CCW classes near me?” If that’s the case, then Concealed Coalition is your solution.

We proudly offer online and in-person training courses taught by highly experienced instructors across the nation. Each course is state-specific, allowing you to learn about the rules and regulations that apply to where you live. Not knowing your state and local laws is not an excuse for not following them, which is why it is so important to learn them as a responsible firearm owner and carrier.

If you decide you would like to pursue your Illinois CCW license, being a responsible gun owner also includes knowing how to safely operate and store your firearm. Concealed Coalition classes cover the essentials of firearm handling, as well as emphasizing the importance of child access prevention in the home.

In the classroom, our instructors utilize scenario-based training techniques. They often draw on their own personal experiences in the field to present situations that make students think critically about how to proceed. By presenting training in this way in a controlled environment, it sets up students for success in terms of critical thinking and decision making in high stress situations.

Getting your Illinois CCW license is not just about meeting legal requirements. More than that, it is a commitment to ensuring the safety of oneself and others in the community. The firearm safety training provided by Concealed Coalition gives students the necessary knowledge and skills to handle firearms responsibly, make sound decisions in critical situations, and respect the gravity of carrying a concealed firearm. At Concealed Coalition, we prioritize firearms safety training with the hope of fostering a culture of responsible gun ownership across the country.