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Conyers, Georgia

Concealed Carry Training


Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Georgia!

Whether you are a resident or nonresident in Georgia, you are able to participate in concealed carry so long as you are an adult who is legally entitled to carry a firearm. For those interested in pursuing a GA concealed carry license, you can still apply for one through the Georgia Department of Public Safety. Getting a GA concealed carry license will allow you to travel to reciprocating states with your firearm.

Regardless of state laws, owning and carrying a firearm is a great responsibility. That’s why we believe that taking a training course to learn about firearm safety and laws is essential for all would-be carriers.

This is where taking a class with Concealed Coalition comes into play. Our firearms training courses are exciting, experiential learning sessions that students continue talking about long after completing their training. Through taking one of our concealed carry certification courses, you’ll receive a comprehensive overview of firearms policies and procedures in Georgia, as well as an understanding of regulations, which is a vital part of being a law-abiding Georgian and firearm owner.

A core part of our training courses is firearm safety. The training team makes sure to emphasize best practices for safe handling, storage, and accident prevention. By learning to respect and handle firearms responsibly, our students go on to be positive and safe influences as permit holders in their communities.

Being aware of your gun rights and state laws is a very important part of responsible firearm ownership. Additionally, you should also have some understanding of how your gun rights translate across state lines. That’s why our courses cover not only the basics of firearm handling, but the legal side as well. Each course is state-specific, so you can feel confident knowing that the training you are receiving is relevant to your area.