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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Florida!

Any adult who is legally allowed to own a firearm under state and federal law is allowed to participate in Florida conceal and carry without obtaining a Florida concealed carry permit. However, anyone who wishes to may still apply for a Florida concealed carry permit, as they are still distributed for individuals who would like to be protected when traveling to reciprocating states with their firearms.

One of the steps involved when applying for a Florida concealed carry permit is attending a concealed carry training and certification course. Regardless of state laws about training requirements, we still recommend that firearm owners complete a comprehensive course that covers the safe handling, operation, and storage of firearms. Doing so helps ensure that the utmost standards of responsible gun ownership are being followed.

Once you successfully complete a Concealed Coalition course, you will receive your concealed carry certification. This document will serve as proof of your training should you decide to apply for a Florida concealed carry permit.

The legal aspects of carrying a concealed firearm are also critical for those interested in carrying to know. In addition to covering all things related to firearm safety, our courses also provide an overview of firearm laws and regulations. Each course is state-specific, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re learning up-to-date, relevant information about Florida’s policies.

Whether it’s an online or an in-person program, our classes are taught by a team of highly experienced and certified instructors who incorporate stories from their own backgrounds to keep classes engaging with scenario-based training. By utilizing this method of training, students can become more skilled at evaluating potential threats, making quick decisions in times of crises, and reacting appropriately, leading to enhanced confidence and preparedness in dangerous situations. Our trainers also work hard to create a supportive environment for students of all experience levels, fostering a nationwide community that we are proud to call our Concealed Coalition family.