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To be a member of Concealed Coalition is to join a community of like-minded everyday
citizens committed to a lifestyle of defensive living to make our world a safer place.


Multi-pronged approach to defensive living, covering all aspects of advanced firearm training, situational awareness and threat avoidance, and personal and family defense. Courses include 5 Skills after Defensive Firearm Use, Home Defense, Gunshot Wounds, Nonlethal Defense, Crowd Violence, and more. At Concealed Coalition University, learn how to become your own first responder.

Gain access to exclusive premium content strategically designed to help equip you with the tools you need
to adopt a defensive lifestyle.


  • Courses include 5 Skills after Defensive Firearm Use, Home Defense, Gunshot Wounds, Nonlethal Defense, Crowd Violence, and more
  • Access to high-quality online firearm and self-defense training courses with monthly updates and certification
  • Exclusive access to Concealed Coalition Facebook VIP group moderated by top USA trainer
  • Bonus access to training content
  • Exclusive Concealed Coalition webinar access


“As a former police officer, I see far too many good people get put in bad situations because they either were not trained properly, or they did not have adequate representation when it came to a self-defense situation — so signing up for the Coalition was a no brainer for me. However, I was so surprised by how in-depth and insightful the University was. Every single course I learn something new and can’t wait to share with my family and friends.”

“As a single girl living in the city, I knew I wanted to be able to protect myself. Growing up I was always told the typical - don’t park next to a van, don’t text while walking to your car, don’t go anywhere at night and you will be fine. I had no idea how much truly goes into protecting yourself. It is not as simple as buying a firearm. It is threat avoidance, child access prevention, the psychology of deescalating a situation, and managing everything to avoid using a firearm in self-defense. Joining the Coalition made me feel like I can sleep safe at night knowing I have the power to protect myself, and I have a policy in place to protect me should I ever be forced to use any kind of force. I joined the coalition for the same reason I put on a seatbelt — just in case.”

“When I signed up for the Coalition I felt like I joined a community who genuinely has each other’s backs and who truly want to make the world a safer place for the next generation. As a father of three, my kids and wife are the most important things in the world, and I would do anything to protect them. Now I feel like I am protected should that day ever come, and I feel well equipped with the knowledge and skills from Concealed Coalition University to live a defensive lifestyle.”